Our Differentiators

Typical Approach Our Approach
Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma
Focus on Statistics Focus on Business Outcomes, Statistics is only an Enabler
DMAIC Approach in Six Sigma R(Recognize) DMAIC Approach i.e. Strategy Creation and Initiative Prioritization is Key
Project Outcomes could be Qualitative Initiative Outcomes ARE Quantified
Teach Standard Tools and Techniques Based on the Best in Class LASSIB Book of Knowledge, Proprietary tools like KBEF, VSMe
No Scientific Verification of Capability Building Pre & Post Intervention Assessment, Statistical Assessment & Proof of Capability Improvement
No / Little Focus on Creating Leaders Specific Focus on Building Leaders through the QADE Model
No / Little Focus on Culture Building Specific Focus on Culture Building using the 4 Quadrant Culture Management Model
No / Little Focus on Change Management during Initiatives Specific Focus on Change Management using LASSIB’s AEIOU Model and Change Acceleration Process
No / Little Focus on Tools Expertise in Tools like Lucid Sigmatix, Quality Companion, SPSS, Minitab, Aspire, etc.

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