Testimonials from the participants:

Mahindra Satyam

Thoughts from Mr. Bobby Tangirala, Sr.Business Analyst, Mahindra Satyam.

“The differentiating factor for me was Mr. Pavan Kota. Sharing knowledge with an expert definitely made the workshop more effective. When some one relates theory with realtime experiences, learning will always takes an easy path. Thats what we experienced in this workshop.”

Ven Soft

Thoughts from Mr. Venkatesh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Ven Soft.

“The Six Sigma workshop was an excellent and provided me with more value that I had expected. It is a program that provides a large amount of learning within a short-span of time. It is like doing a crash-MBA course, but the only difference is that you can immediately implement most of the knowledge you learn. This is exactly what a lot of CEOs look for – i.e. to get the most in the shortest span of time. On the whole it was an excellent workshop from KINDUZ and would recommend it to everyone at a Leadership position or for anyone wanting to move into a Leadership or Managerial position.”

Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd.

Thoughts from Mr. Hari Lanka, Senior Quality Analyst, Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd.

“Training was delivered in excellent manner. The examples selected are really good and made us easy to understand the concept. The training presentation was good and the training method was also good.”

Ernst and Young

Thoughts from Ms. Kavita Yadav, Consultant, Ernst & Young

“Very good insights in lean management. The workshop taught me a practical approach towards how to apply lean management to solve any problem. Trainer was insightful and had good knowledge of the lean principles. Participants also participated with their experiences which made it more interesting?


Thoughts from Ms. Sandhya Nagarajan, Assistant Manager, Applabs

“I liked the way lean concepts were blended with six sigma concepts to bring out a practical way to address process improvements. Pavan’s approach to drive home the concept using simple, non-technical examples is worth a praise as it is extremely important to have audiences?involvement throughout the session.?/p>


Thoughts from Mr. Chandragirish, Sr. Software Engineer, Gmantis Solutions (P) Ltd.

“First of all I would like to say thank you for bringing/initiating Six Sigma Programs to Hyderabad where we can count in fingers for finding the Quality Instructor’s of Six Sigma. Well presented. He brought examples from everyday life and we can apply the information taught here in real life projects and made it comprehensible. He has good service background and excellent communication skills in presentation. The Frameworks are excellent. Why can’t they patent their Frameworks!”


Thoughts from Mr. Vijay Raj, Manager Quality, Netenrich Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“I really enjoyed the program in terms of the relevance and the live examples that the trainer Yash was ready to take up to help us understand the concepts better. Appreciate the extra effort from Yash to go with us the extra mile in accommodating our requests for stretching as well. On the whole the learning and takeaways are worth the effort. Thanks for the experience.?/p>


Thoughts from Mr. Vamsee Oruganti, Chief Product Evangelist at Cognizant Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

“I got a clear picture of Six Sigma through the Program. The way training was handled was very good. The trainer’s experience in the industry came out very clear. All the 6-Sigma techniques were excellent. I found the Poka-Yoke technique the most helpful as taught by Pavan. I could immediately implement it in my current Organization and was able to reduce the Cycle time in preparing Practice specific Status Reports.”

Logic Designers

Thoughts from Mr. Raju Kanchibhotla, Chief Executive Officer, Logic Designers.

“The green belt program conducted by KINDUZ was worth the investment of money and more importantly it was worth the investment of time. The most important learning for me has been the Lean principles which I can implement immediately and also see to it that I get immediate returns. The case studies shared from both the manufacturing, hospital, pharma and IT sector were excellent and it was good to know that a lot of companies are making good head way into implementing Six Sigma and reaping the required benefits.”

Bangalore Safety Glass Works Pvt. Ltd.

Thoughts from Mr. Dhanunjaya Ravikanti, General Manager, Bangalore Safety Glass Works (P) Ltd.

“Excellent course design, great depth of knowledge of faculty, excellent explaining ability and ability to maintain high level of interest among participants.

Abu Dhabi Medical Devices Co

Thoughts from Mr. Syed Atheeq, Quality Control Section Head, Abu Dhabi Medical Devices Co. L.L.C, Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates.

I am so proud to say that I have attended the six sigma training with KINDUZ where I have gained excellent knowledge, skills and awareness on the Six Sigma Green Belt course. Currently I am working as a Quality Control Section Head in ABU DHABI MEDICAL DEVICES CO. L.L.C , ABUDHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and am applying the six sigma concepts to understand the variation in the process, repetition of defects, and control of defects through the Six Sigma DMAIC tools and techniques. It has also helped the production floor in the analysis of waste generated during the process. I have developed a system for the production floor to control the waste during the process by using the Six Sigma tools and techniques. I recommend to the readers that KINDUZ is an excellent facilitator for Six Sigma training courses. They have very good field experienced instructors to spread the knowledge of Six Sigma among the participant. A very good delighter in the Six Sigma green belt course is the live project in their system of training and certification where as other six sigma facilitators do not have the live project. The live project helps a lot in understanding Six Sigma and its implementation.


Thougts from Mr. NSS Prasad, ICRISAT

“This is a good program on Six Sigma.”


Thoughts from Ms. Rajani Meka, Quality Analyst, Genpact

“An excellent place to learn new concepts and also to share each other’s experiences in relevant to the subject.”


Thoughts from Mr. Raunak Mahajan, Chief Operating Officer, Qvantel Software Solutions

“The workshop was successful in building and showcasing the very essential relationship between implementation of Six Sigma and enhancing business value. The stress on importance of correct definition and recognition lays down a great platform for ensuring failure proof implementation.”


Thoughts from Mr. Srinivas Bhagavatula, Project Manager, INSPIRE Softek

“The best thing is that the training was conducted in an informal atmosphere using formal methods.”

Virinchi Technologies

Thoughts from Mr. Shiva Kumar Patil, Vice President – Operations, Virinchi Technologies

“It was excellent program to understand and look for possible improvements in customer service and the organization development.”

Thoughts from Ms. Suseela Grace, HR, HSBC

“It’s worth attending for lots of learning brought about through simplistic approach.”

Value Labs

Thoughts from Mr. Sriker Kanakam, Tech Support Executive, Value Labs

“The Participation of the program helped me improve my Managerial skills, Personal interaction skills, providing the quality of work and the way I look at my future.”

Ajilon Consulting

Thoughts from Mr. Rajesh Babu Bondi, Sr Consultant, AJILON Consulting, Canada

“Excellent. The trainers are extremely good in terms of subject delivery and even presentation skills.”

Monarch InfoTech

Thoughts from Mr. Sunil K Nagpal (PMP), Sr. Manager – Delivery, Monarch Info Tech Services Pvt. Ltd.

“Six Sigma Green Belt 4 days workshop conducted by KINDUZ was really a valuable add to knowledge repository and great place for peer networking. I like the way Pavan and Artee took wide variety of examples to explain practical applicability of Lean and Six Sigma tools. Overall I’d love to recommend Lean Sig Sigma workshop from KINDUZ to those who are in need of better carrier prospects.”


Thoughts from Mr. Phani Chandra, Asst Manager, Info BPO Pvt. Ltd

“The trainer’s interaction with the participants was great, because of which while doing exercises the participants come up with their doubts for clarifications.”

C & C Alpha Group

Thoughts from Mr. Shashi Bhushan, Legal Counsel, C&C Alpha Group

“The trainers are great communicators and what is more important that as trainers they encourage questions from the participant. They make the training very lively and interactive with every day examples and through their experience. Overall money worth spent.”

CoreMind Techno Services

Thoughts from Ms. Ruma Chakravarthy, Managing Partner, CoreMind Techno Services

“Very practical approach to the training which relates to my business requirement.”

Hyatt Regency

Thoughts from Mr. Bhuvanesh Khanna, Director of Conventions, Hyatt Regency

“I find myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to be trained and walked through the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification process by KINDUZ. They took time to talk, explain give real life examples to ensure understanding. They have a great way of connecting with each participant and understanding the learning need for each. I for sure will be back for my Black Belt Certification.”

Lucid Infotech Pvt Ltd

Thoughts from Mr. Manish Thakur, Vice President (Engg), Lucid Infotech Pvt Ltd

“Excellent introduction to a methodology woven around common sense and scientifically proven methods. Lean and Six Sigma don’t feel boring anymore…”

Dr. Reddy's Labs

Thoughts from Mr. M. A. Prasad, Manager – Quality Management, Dr. Reddy’s Labs

“It’s a phenomenal explanation by the trainers. The connection between the topics, business and personal life was explained clearly. Very friendly approach, towards making the participants understands the concepts. Kudoz to CSI and KINDUZ”

Cognizant Tech Solutions

Thoughts from Mr. Mahendran, Process Specialist, Cognizant Tech Solutions

“This program is really amazing and it is really useful to improve knowledge on six sigma implementation in any kind of industry.”


Thoughts from Mr. Avishkar Pamnani, Senior System Engineer, Intelligroup

“Teaching material & case studies covered were awesome. Mr. Pavan Kota kept the session active and involved in all activities. Keep up the good work by CSI and KINDUZ.”


Thoughts from Ms. Vandita Malhotra -Management Trainee , AEGIS BPO

“Very effective for anyone who is new to Lean and Six Sigma. Best in class inputs delivered without going too much in to statistics.”


Thoughts from Mr. Imran Tapalwale, Manager – Communications, INDAN Navy

“Well structured program by CSI and KINDUZ. I learned so many things about Six Sigma and Lean Methodology. Thanks to Ms. Aartee Roy for the excellent explanation about the concept.”

TATA Projects Ltd.

Thoughts from Mr. T. M. Prasad, Senior Quality Surveyor, TATA Projects Ltd.

“Excellent Certification Program from Computer Society of India and KINDUZ Consulting. How to reach goals rapidly compare to others is my key learning in the program.”


Thoughts from Mr. Praveen Raj, Senior Manager – SAP Practice, Deloitte

“Mr. Pavan and Ms. Aartee Roy did a fantastic job. Lean Six Sigma techniques are very valuable tools for the process improvement. The four day training program was organized very well.”

Pre Mould

Thoughts from Mr. Dheeraj Janga, Production Manager, Pre Mould

“Good time allocation, personal attention, good team to share and learn with in-depth activity sheets.”

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