Lean and Six Sigma International Board:

The Lean and Six Sigma was formed after over two years of practical industry research and deliberations by like-minded industry leaders from around the world.

While we scanned the industry around the world, it was clear that Lean and Six Sigma principles are here to stay, and over time would become basic professional requirements across all fields. However the Lean and Six Sigma training programs and certification programs around the world are way beyond the reach of many.

Based on Dr. Mashelkar’s teachings, the question we posed for ourselves is as follows:

How can we deliver better training, better content, and a much more respected certification program, at a no or low cost, so that many more people around the world can benefit much more from it?

The quest for this answer, has lead us to the Lean and Six Sigma International Board.

Key Notes:

  • A number of industry professionals around the world have given a lot of time for this initiative. We thank them from the bottom of the heart for the same
  • Innovation and improvement is a continuous process. We believe in the same at Lean and Six Sigma International Board
  • The idea of reducing cost to end user’s, excites us. If you have interesting ideas for the same, do contact us. It will be our pleasure
  • No initiative is successful without a team. If you are interested in contributing, it will be our pleasure to have you on board

Our guiding force is the concept of ‘Gandhian Engineering’, as taught by our respected guru, Dr. R. A. Mashelkar.

Gandhian Engineering:

Gandhian Engineering is based on a constant thrust on innovation, according to Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, Chairman, National Innovation Foundation and President of Global Research Alliance.

Gandhian Engineering is about “getting more from less for more”.

This means the design and development of products and services with more value and performance, from less material, less cost, less time, less environmental pollution and for benefit to not just a privileged few but for the billions of people, whose income levels are lesser than the few rich (for more).

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